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An Experiment in Form: The Collector is Present

The Collector is Present– a project initiated by Gallery Weekend Barcelona.

Where galleries ask collectors to intervene in the current shows- to create a dialogue between Gallerists and Collectors. This experimental exhibition format brings the role of the collector into a more critical role in the economy of art. By highlighting conversations between Gallerst & Collector or Artist & Collector that is often behind the scenes of the general public. 

At Ana Mas Projects, NoguerasBlanchard, L21 at L’Hospitalet.  The 3 galleries at L’Hospitalet present works from the Q. LØSS Collection in L’Hospitalet will be present selected works from the collection, which will take place simultaneously in the three galleries, and will focus on the dialogue that emerges between works by contemporary artists from the local context and recognized artists of the historical avant-garde. Xavier Aballí, as the current curator of Q. LØSS Collection in Southern Europe. 

At angles (Barcelona) the exhibition entitled “VOICE(s) ON” presents video testimonies from collectors Berta Caldentey, Carlos Costa, Gabriela Galcerán, Alfonso Pons, Victoria Quintana, and Amira Solh on the work of artist Daniel G. Andújar which is also a work by Daniel G. Andújar. 

Bombon Projects presents a walking conversation between the artist Enric Farrés Duran and collector Davison Pereira starting from the Mossèn Jacint Verdaguer- a public square (meeting point under the owl) and walking to the gallery. The Plaça de Mossèn Jacint Verdaguer is a large and fairly busy roundabout in the l’Eixample district of Barcelona. The plaza would probably go unnoticed if it wasn’t for the twenty-meter high monument which stands in the middle and the giant neon owl that stares down from the roof of a nearby building down the Passeig de Sant Joan is a major avenue in the Eixample and Gràcia districts of Barcelona ​​ some 10 city blocks to the gallery. Farrés Duran creates a dérive (of sorts) by wandering from point A to B- and the impossibility of hearing and maintaining any clear discussion through the psychogeography of a busy avenue.

Galleria Joan Prats presents four works ( by artists Esther Ferrer, Gilda Mantilla and Raimond Chaves, Jorge Satorre, and Perejaume) from the collection of Marisa Cortell and José Ángel Sanz Esquide’s, which will coexist during the weekend with the galleries current exhibition of the Brazilian artist Tadáskía (*1993). 

Galeria Uxval Gochez presents Collector Kalin Koromina temporarily returning a piece from Brusssels-based artist Annabelle Milon (*1988) which Koromina had recently acquired from the gallery- to reflect on the personal process of adding new work to her art collection. The activity will coexist with the exhibition by Marc Gonz, which will be open to the public throughout the weekend.

Galeria Marlborough invites the collector Josep Maria Civit, he has chosen the recitation of One Million Years by On Kawara, which will be heard throughout the gallery space for two days.

The intervention will coexist with the current Santi Moix exhibition which consists of a dozen of drawings on large-format paper made in charcoal and illustrate three trips that the artist has made to the island over the last few years. The choice of Civit, one of the most important collectors of Moix’s work has been marked by the desire to integrate an important work in his collection, such as On Kawara with the work of Moix, one of his favorite artists without a physical but only a sonorous intervention. Kawara’s work with the concept of time converges in the public, who in turn will contemplate the works, which represent an island created thousands of years ago, both works in a tribute to time past, present, and future.

On Kawara, The One Million Years Project, detail. © On Kawara

ProjecteSD invites collectors Marisa Cortell & José Ángel Sanz Esquide, Aurèlia & Carlos Usandizaga, and Gerardo van Waalwijk van Doorn with a ‘game of associations’ between works by the collectors, which will coincide with the exhibition “Never Never Land” by Ana Jotta.

Mayoral, will present a discussion on the origins of a collection, motivations, and the importance of a story. A visit commented by Ramon Tàssies (from Mayoral) to the exhibition exhibition “Saura in its context”, an exhibition that is the fruit of a collection built up over the years and that presents works by Saura, Millares, Chillida, Miró, Juana Francés, and Tàpies.