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Marion Papillon, re-elected president of the Professional Committee of Art Galleries (Paris)

The Ordinary General Assembly of the Comité Professionnel des Galeries d’Art was held on 30 January 2023. With 95.8% of the votes cast, gallery owner Marion Papillon, who was standing for re-election, was re-elected with an enlarged Board of Directors of 15 members for a new 3-year term.

Marion Papillon

Before taking the leadership of the Comité Professionnel des Galeries d’Art, Papillon founded Paris Gallery Weekend in 2017. PGW list of participating galleries climbed to 127 galleries in 2021 up from a curated list of 48 galleries in 2019.

Marion Papillon was re-elected with an enlarged list, which saw the arrival of the gallery owners Magda Danysz (treasurer) and Philippe Joppin (High Art, vice-president) alongside the re-elected vice-presidents Isabelle Alfonsi and Benoît Sapiro. Philippe Charpentier leaves his role as treasurer for that of vice-president.

This new mandate, renewed until 2025, will be supported by a reform of governance within the Board of Directors, which will see the creation, under the responsibility of each of the Vice-Presidents, of two sectoral working groups: the 1st market (Philippe Charpentier) and the 2nd market (Benoit Sapiro) with furniture and antiques, as well as two cross-cutting groups: communication (Isabelle Alfonsi) and events on the one hand, and sectoral forecasting (Philippe Joppin) on the other.

The Committee has also welcomed six new female members, including Laura Turcan, director of the Mariane Ibrahim gallery, Marie Madec, founder of Sans Titre, and Marie-Hélène de la Forest Divonne. Alix Dionot-Morani, the co-founder of the Crèvecoeur gallery, who has previously been a member of the Board, joins the contemporary art galleries alongside Florence Bonnefous and Michel Rein who are serving a second term.
Antique dealers and modern art galleries are strengthened with the arrival of Marie-Amélie Carlier from the Brimo de Laroussilhe gallery and Marie Deniau from the Kaleidoscope gallery, alongside Antoine Laurentin.