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The 3B’s (Brussels, Barcelona, and Budapest): Fall Gallery Weekends Announced

When the fall season approaches, art enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the ‘gallery weekends’ around the globe. Notably, the trio of Brussels, Barcelona, and Budapest—have their gallery weekends occurring in quick succession during September. While numerous cities globally boast renowned art and gallery weekends during the fall, the unique cultural tapestry represented by these three cities merits special attention. Their individuality underscores the need to appreciate and support these distinct art events.

Xavier Hufkins Gallery (Brussels)

Brussels Gallery Weekend

Brussels arguably stands at the forefront of this trio in terms of recognition. Its art scene has burgeoned, attracting several international galleries like CLEARING from NYC, Nino Mier from LA, Mendes Wood DM, and Galleria Jaqueline Martins from Sao Paolo. These international galleries have blended seamlessly with local stalwarts also presenting challenging international programs such as Jan Mot, Almine Rech, Xavier Hufkens, and Rodolphe Janssen, along with a passionate community of Belgian collectors.

This year’s 16th edition of the Brussels Gallery Weekend boasts a curated selection of 45 contemporary art galleries. Over this four-day extravaganza, the city pulsates with over 60 art openings, electrifying performances, and immersive installations. Besides gallery exhibitions, attendees can delve into the 6th iteration of the “Generation Brussels” showcase and explore exhibitions at renowned institutions like WIELS Center for Contemporary Art and Bozar.

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Ana Mas Projects (Barcelona)


Barcelona Gallery Weekend The subsequent weekend whisks art lovers to Barcelona—a city infused with a distinctive aura, underpinned by its storied institutions, diverse galleries, and fervent collectors. The Barcelona Gallery Weekend features 27 galleries and project spaces, with notable mentions including Galleria Alegria, Nogueras Blanchard, Marlborough, and Galeria Joan Prats.

Barcelona’s galleries exude a style steeped in conceptual and minimalist traditions. For those keen to explore, websites such as Bombon Projects, ana mas projects, and angels Barcelona offer a tantalizing glimpse. A comprehensive gallery and exhibition list is available here.

New to this year’s Barcelona Gallery Weekend is the curatorial initiative known as “Site-Specific Conversation,” aiming to foster enriching dialogues between galleries, artists, and collectors. More details can be found here.

Vintage Galeria (Budapest)


Gallery Weekend Budapest Concurrently, Budapest resurrects its Gallery Weekend after a brief pause. The city had been grappling with the post-pandemic economic slump and was oscillating between Spring and Fall schedules. With 11 participating galleries, Budapest’s art scene might seem compact, but it packs a punch. It presents a treasure trove for curators and collectors seeking emergent artists. ACB Galeria and Vintage, among others, curate seminal exhibitions that chronicle Hungarian conceptual art from the 60s-80s, as well as perspectives from the erstwhile Eastern bloc. Highlighted artists include Ladik Katalin (now exhibiting at Haus der Kunst, Munich), Imre Bak, Endre Tót, and Dóra Maurer (recent Tate Retrospective). Photography aficionados can look towards galleries like INDA, Viltin, and Kisterem- while spaces like DEAK ERIKA shine the spotlight on emerging painters.

This fall offers art professionals and enthusiasts a thrilling journey through Brussels, Barcelona, and Budapest. Each city, with its distinct flavor and approach, promises an unforgettable experience, urging us to delve deeper into its artistic soul.

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