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Talking Galleries upcoming Barcelona Symposium: Where Art Market Leaders Converge

In the vibrant heart of Barcelona, a significant event is on the horizon for those immersed in the art world. The Talking Galleries Symposium, an international think tank revered for sparking debate and expanding knowledge in the art gallery and market sectors, is set to convene once again. This gathering is not just an event; it’s a cornerstone of contemporary art discourse.

The brainchild of Llucià Homs, Talking Galleries began its journey in Barcelona in 2011. It emerged as a symposium, a unique platform where leaders from the global art scene could engage in critical discussions about the challenges and opportunities within the gallery sector. This event quickly captured the attention of the international art community, expanding its reach to major art capitals like Paris, Madrid, London, and New York.

January 22nd and 23rd, the Barcelona Symposium, the jewel in the crown of Talking Galleries’ endeavors, will unfold. This two-day conference is more than just a series of debates; it’s a melting pot of ideas, a place for meaningful conversations, and a hub for networking, all centered around the art gallery universe.

This symposium is a rare chance for art world luminaries – gallerists, collectors, journalists, curators, artists, and fair directors – to come together. They don’t just attend; they actively participate, sharing their insights and expertise, and contributing to a rich exchange of knowledge that spans the entire art business spectrum.

The venue, Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona (MACBA), is set to welcome over 200 professionals from around 25 countries, making each edition a truly global affair.

This year’s speaker lineup is as diverse as it is impressive.

As the art world eagerly anticipates the upcoming Talking Galleries Symposium in Barcelona, it’s the perfect moment to spotlight some of the influential speakers set to grace this prestigious event. This symposium, a beacon for art galleries and market professionals, promises insightful discussions led by renowned figures in the art world.

Julie Quottrup Silberman– CHART Copenhagen

Julie Quottrup Silbermann – Charting New Paths in Nordic Art Julie Quottrup Silbermann, the Director of CHART, brings a fresh perspective from the Nordic region’s leading contemporary art event. CHART is not just an art fair; it’s a comprehensive cultural experience that includes an art book fair, a wide array of public talks, performances, and even an architectural competition. Silbermann’s leadership in orchestrating these diverse activities year-round makes her a pivotal figure in the art fair circuit.

Will Korner – The Fair Connoisseur from TEFAF As the Head of Fairs at TEFAF Will Korner oversees the operations of the renowned Maastricht and New York fairs. His expertise in managing these high-profile events provides a deep understanding of the art fair landscape, both in Europe and internationally.

Silvia Ammon

Silvia Ammon – Pioneering New Trends with Paris International

Silvia Ammon, at the helm of Paris Internationale, is a leading figure in the evolution of contemporary art fairs. Her directorship at this fair, which has emerged as a pivotal force in today’s burgeoning art market, underscores the growing appetite for fresh artists and galleries. Initially perceived as an avant-garde alternative to the traditional FIAC format, Paris Internationale has swiftly ascended in prominence.

With the advent of Art Basel’s new Paris+ brand, Ammon’s Paris Internationale has eclipsed LISTE as the go-to destination for discovering new galleries. This shift not only highlights the fair’s significance but also cements Paris’s status as a trendsetter in the art world. Ammon’s forward-thinking approach and the fair’s impact on shaping contemporary art trends render her insights particularly invaluable.

Melanie Gerlis – The Art Market Analyst Melanie Gerlis, an art market columnist for the Financial Times and The Art Newspaper, brings a critical eye to the symposium. Her analysis and contributions have shaped how we understand the dynamics of the art market today.

Kamel Mennour

Kamel Mennour – The Parisian Art Visionary Kamel Mennour, a Parisian art dealer, manages four spaces in Paris and represents around forty living artists and artistic estates. His roster includes some of the most significant figures in modern and contemporary art, such as Daniel Buren, Ugo Rondinone, and Anish Kapoor. Mennour’s experience in nurturing and promoting such a diverse group of artists offers a rich perspective on gallery management and artist representation.

Dirk Boll – The Auction House Innovator Dirk Boll, Deputy Chairman of 20th & 21st Century Art at Christie’s Auction House, brings a wealth of knowledge from the auction world. His insights into the changing dynamics of art auctions are crucial for understanding the current art market.

Anders Petterson – The Art Market Researcher Finally, Anders Petterson, founder and managing director of ArtTactic, offers a data-driven perspective on the art market. His company, a pioneer in using crowd-sourcing techniques for art market research, provides valuable analytics and insights into market trends.

Maureen Paley

Maureen Paley – The East End’s Art Pioneer London art dealer Maureen Paley was one of the first to showcase contemporary art in London’s East End. Since the 1980s, she has been a key figure in the UK gallery scene, promoting a diverse range of international artists. Her experience in both the YBA scene and the broader international art world provides a unique viewpoint on the evolution of art galleries.

the complete list of speakers can be found here: speakers-2024

The Talking Galleries Symposium in Barcelona is set to be a melting pot of ideas and experiences, with these speakers leading the charge. Their diverse backgrounds and expertise promise to make this event a landmark in the art world calendar, offering attendees a comprehensive view of the current state and future of art galleries and the market.